"As a designer, I’ve developed a way to use my art as an escapism; taking pain and happiness from successes or failures, and translating them into my work."

 -Oscar Utierre


Founded by Oscar Utierre in 2015, UTIERRE™ is an independent fashion label adapted to todays culture. UTIERRE™ is a young brand embracing the current in a sensual sophisticated manner. All products are conceptualized from season to season based on Oscar Utierre’s life experiences and philosophies. Development is based in the United States, made from the best quality available regarding fabric, hardware, fit and fabrication. There is a product offering of the brand also in the realm of ready made goods and accessories to further reinforce the UTIERRE™ lifestyle. The UTIERRE™ esthetic implements a modern sensibility defined by its sensual cuts and silhouettes to define the beauty of the human body. Designs are inspired by the complexities of the juxtaposition of the primitive and technological worlds at a collision.


Oscar Utierre is the founder of UTIERRE™. His design venture is to showcase ready-to-wear collections internationally. Utierre focuses on a sensual effortless style mixed with streetwear sensibilities. His designs consist of the finest materials sourced world wide, while focusing on fit. Utierre celebrates the youth and elegance through unconventional, yet functional clothes.